Cooperation with us is much more than just placing an order.

We are a manufacturing and trading business specialising in production of quality men’s and women’s garments.
We have our own design studio, cutting and sewing rooms. Our modern plant inculdes embroidery machines. Both design and embroidery processes are carried out on the spot.

Our products are sold in Poland and EU states. We pride ourselves on being able to offer competitive prices at the same time remaining very responsive to changing trends. The number of styles, fits, colours, and fine fabrics we offer provides an ample choice. Growing demand for our products attests the fact that we can match our customers’ tastes and expectations.

Our team will be happy to assist you.

Contact us:

landline: +48 59 848 14 20 ext. 42

fax: +48 59 848 14 21

email: sales@elegant-man.com.pl


comprehensive advice regarding project management from start to finish,
including fabrics, style, and desired look

timely order fulfilment and delivery of goods

terms of cooperation


exquisite workmanship
and precision

cutting-edge technology
and highly skilled staff